We have recently revamped the Ethernet registration form. We welcome your comments to "etherhelp@ucsd.edu".

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This message contains the instructions for filling out the requested information, which you can then post using the on-line web form.

Please Note - New Important Policy #1

From now on, please use the Registration Form ONLY to register a NEW COMPUTER for Ethernet use. To update information for an old or moved computer, please send mail to hostmaster@ucsd.edu Requests should include the old IP address, old Ethernet address, machine name (if available) and an explanation of the desired change. We hope that this will make changes less painful both for you and us.

Please Note - New Important Policy #2

If you have more than two new machines to register, please do not post a lot of forms. Instead, send mail to hostmaster@ucsd.edu (a) your department name, (b) IPX and/or subnet address, (c) network OS type, (d) whether or not you want bootp, (e) your index code, and (f) a table of relevant information in the following format:

 user's email add.:machine os type:location:IP add.:machine name:ethernet add.

(Colon-separated, exact # of fields shown, one machine per line.)

List of valid machine os types:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2003S
  • Windows 2000
  • MacOS X
  • UNIX/Linux
  • Solaris
  • Printer
  • camera
  • sensor
  • other data collection
  • network device/hub/router/switch
  • other


 vpolichar@ucsd.edu:MacOs X:APM 1307:

(Items in bright blue may be left blank.)


Please make sure you read through these instructions, as a great deal of the form has been changed. We cannot guarantee quick turnaround for forms with incorrect information. The form will be electronically preprocessed. If you have comments or questions which are not address by this these instructions, please send them via electronic mail to "etherhelp@ucsd.edu".

Fill out the form by entering the data in for spaces provided. Some fields are limited by space to help you enter the correct information. We will email a confirmation of receipt.


Although it frequently will be less, please allow up to a week for processing.

(Sample Date in green.)

Your E-mail Address:

This is the e-mail address of the person submitting the form. This information is important for the confirmation of receipt for forms.


Comments or notes about the things you are requesting should be entered in the Comments field. An example of important comment information might be:
Comments: This is a jet-direct card for an HP laserjet.

E-mail address of primary user:

Please list the department which owns the machine, and the email address of the primary person that will be using this machine. If no email address is available, please provide a full name. An example might be:
Department: Psychiatry
E-mail address of primary user: lfontenne@ucsd.edu

Accounting Index Code:

The IFIS account index code indicated here will only be used if your workstation sends electronic data across the campus backbone. Traffic that remains on the local network is not charged. The current rate is $12.00 a month per workstation. (You may leave this blank if your department or division has arranged to pay an annual bulk fee for networking services to your workstations.) An example:
Account Index Code: DTE2929

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Personally Identifiable Information includes information defined as PII in SB1386, including but not limited to:
  • Full name
  • Driver's license number
  • Credit card numbers
  • Birthday
  • Birthplace
  • Genetic information
Information such as age, gender, race, grades, salary, job classification, etc may also be considered to be PII.

IMPORTANT -- if you have do not already know the specific IP address for your machine, we MUST HAVE at least one of the following pieces of information in order to assign an address that will function properly in the campus network area where your machine is attached. Please give as much information as you have.

TCP/IP Subnet:

The TCP/IP subnet is the first three segments of an IP address. It will usually be the same as that of a functioning machine in your physical and administrative area. For example, if your neighbor's IP address is, her subnet address is 132.239.75. If you are on the same physical network as she is, you would give that subnet address. This might cause us (for example) to assign you the IP address of

Novell IPX Network Address or AppleTalk Network #:

The Novell IPX is an 8 digit hex address assigned by campus network management. This number normally begins with "84EF". *** If you are using Novell, please include your Novell IPX number! ***
This may be found by running "userlist /a" while logged into your server; the IPX number is the network address and station information.
If you are in the Medical Center/Hillcrest area and you have a Macintosh, please specify your Appletalk Network Number here. An example:
Novell IPX Network Address or AppleTalk Network #: 84EF0C00

Machine Location:

We will ALWAYS need the physical location (building name and room number). When submitting the building name, please use the building abbreviation when available. For example, if you are in the Clinical Research Building room 1101, please use CRB 1101.

IMPORTANT --We need to know what type of network OS you're using so that we know which part of your subnet to place you on when assigning an IP address.

Are you on a Novell network (running Novell Netware)? If you use cc:Mail or attach to a file server to run applications, you are probably on a Novell network.
Are you on a Localtalk/Appletalk network behind a Gatorbox, Kineticsbox, FastPath, etc? (In this scenario, you have Appletalk but you don'thave an Ethernet connection/card.)

Machine OS Type:

Please enter the operating system of the machine you are using with this IP address. For instance, if its a Macintosh, you would select MacOS, and if its a PC, you choose the OS specific to that PC. For Unix-based Operating Systems (including IRIX) please choose UNIX. If your device type is not present, please select Other.

IP Address

Please include this address if you are an authorized network manager and have already assigned it; otherwise, we will assign an IP address.
IP Address:

Machine Name

If your machine has no name or you do not know it, leave this blank and one will be assigned to you. PCs and Macs generally do not need names.
List the name(s) of the machine you wish to register here, indicating the primary host name if you are requisting more than one name. The name MUST be unique at UCSD. You can check this by looking in a current copy of the host tables, or using "nslookup" to query the name server if that is available on your machine.
For Novell users, this is NOT the name of your fileserver! Please do not use the name of the machine you connect to.
Your machine's fully qualified name will be "hostname.ucsd.edu".
Machine Name: nancysx3

Ethernet Address

Normally you will have only one Ethernet address. If you have more than one network interface, however, you may have more than one Ethernet address.
This address may usually be hound from a label on the card. You may also use software that came with the card to determine the Ethernet address. This address is a 12-digit hex address. If you see less than 12 digits, please prepend your address with zeros. i.e., 0C05F32D should be 00000C05F32D
Hardware Ethernet Address: 080A41D398D8


If you request bootp service, you will not need to know an IP address to configure your networking software. Your machine will learn all it needs from the bootp servers on campus. Most PCs and Macs can and do use bootp to get IP address service. For example, users of LAN Workplace and MacTCP should use bootp. However, if your software does not support bootp, please do not request it.
To receive bootp service, the hardware Ethernet address requested in the previous question MUST be supplied. If you check "Yes" and leave the Ethernet address blank, your form will be returned to you.

IMPORTANT -- The following information is not pertinent to most machines on campus.


Some older machines require their fully qualified domain name to be listed first in the host table. If yours does, specify this by checking "Yes"; if you're not sure, leave it blank.


Can your machine accept mail via the SMTP protocol? Select "Yes", or "No". Generally, only large machines which are kept powered on 24 hours a day use SMTP. If you are unsure, it is probably "No". For "Yes" to be a valid entry, your machine must be able to accept SMTP mail 24 hours/day.

Assign DECNET Address:

A small number of machines may require DECNET addresses. You will know if you are in this category, so leave this blank if it's meaningless.

My device is UNABLE to use WPA-E/802.11x

You have confirmed that the hardware and software you are using does not support WPA-E or 802.11x. You may be asked to explain if you appear to be using a compliant device/operating system.

My device requires a fixed IP address

Your hardware or application requires that you have a fixed IP address (as opposed to a fixed DNS name, which can be offered even without a fixed IP address. Fixed addresses are in short supply, so we may query if your request is not well supported.