UC San Diego
Ethernet Registration

Read First

  • Registering your wireless connection? Please click here.
  • If you are living in on-campus housing you need to go to the ResNet Home Page.
  • To un-register (remove) an existing registration, don't fill out form - just send a note to hostmaster@ucsd.edu.
    Make sure you include current information such as current IP address and/or Ethernet address for identification purposes.
  • Registering more than two machines?

    Please use these instructions.
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General Information


This should be an @ucsd.edu (or other approved) e-mail address (include the @ucsd.edu or other full qualification).

Address Assignment

Machine Location


If you have a printer, we will assign a private IP address (not usable from off campus, but usable anywhere on campus) unless you have a special requirement, which you should detail in the comments box above.

If you want DHCP with a static IP address (normal), leave the item set to No. Only check Yes if you are CERTAIN your area has been set up for dynamic, non-fixed IP addresses, and you will not be offering any services on this machine.

 (leave blank and we will assign one.)

 (if less than 12 digits, please prepend with zeros)

We have attempted to determine the MAC or IP address of the machine you are connecting from if available.
If you are registering from a different machine or location, ENTER THE CORRECT MAC ADDRESS (12 digit hex) here.